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Our comprehensive workshop is designed to enhance your team’s knowledge and skills in creating a respectful and safe workplace. The course delves into the crucial roles and responsibilities of contact / EEO officers, providing them with the tools necessary to address and resolve issues of bullying, harassment, and discrimination effectively.

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Our expert-led training goes beyond theoretical knowledge; it includes:

  • Understanding Inappropriate Behaviours: Explore what constitutes inappropriate workplace behaviors, learn about the barriers to reporting such incidents, and understand the pivotal role of contact officers.
  • Case Studies: Engage with tailored case studies that bring real-world complexities into the classroom, offering participants hands-on experience in navigating sensitive situations.
  • Awareness and Education: Elevate the level of understanding regarding sexual harassment through practical and engaging education designed to prevent such issues from arising.
  • Cultivating Respect: Establish respect as a fundamental workplace value and communicate the legal implications of negative workplace environments.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the wisdom of industry experts who bring a wealth of experience, not just theoretical knowledge, to guide your learning experience.
  • Practical Advice: Receive actionable advice on raising, managing, and preventing workplace concerns to ensure fair and effective resolution processes.
  • Culture and Support: Focus on fostering a great and safe work culture, preventing victimization, and empowering bystanders to support those affected by workplace issues

    By the end of our workshop, participants will be equipped with the necessary skills to contribute to a healthier, more inclusive work environment where respect is the norm and employees are empowered to speak up.

Program Options


Low to Medium Interactive Group Session   /   Participant Numbers: maximum of 20 people   FEE:  $3,250 plus GST per session


Medium to High Interactive Group Session   /   Participant Numbers: maximum of 20 people   FEE:  $4,250 plus GST per session 


High Interactive Group Session    /   Participant Numbers:   maximum of 20 people    FEE:  $6,750 plus GST per session


High Interactive Group Session    /   Participant Numbers:   maximum of 20 people    FEE:  $7,750 plus GST per session

  • Face to Face  Travel charges may apply for face to face delivery
  • All prices are a per session charge
  • All pre-works and content production are included in this pricing

The new Workplace Health and Safety and Bullying Laws recommend establishment of Contact Officers within each workforce.  Contact Officer Programs options are 2, 4, 6 and 8 hour programs.  Refresher Programs are available as well as Contact Officer Mentoring options.

A Harassment Officer – sometimes known as a contact officer, equal opportunity officer or equity contact officer – is a staff member who assists employees who experience discrimination and harassment in the workplace.   The contact person should:

  • listen to an employee’s concerns about discrimination or harassment
  • not form a view of the merit of any allegations
  • provide information about the internal complaint process
  • advise the person that in some situations where serious allegations are raised – for example, that may expose the organisation to legal liability – the issue may need to be reported to management and dealt with as a formal complaint
  • where appropriate, provide support for a person if he or she wants to try and resolve the issue personally
  • provide information about available support services; for example, workplace counselling services
  • outline other options available to the person, such as lodging a complaint of discrimination or harassment with an external agency.

The contact person should not be the same person who is responsible for investigating or making decisions about a complaint.

The company contact officer can help to facilitate the process of making an internal complaint of discrimination or harassment. This may help to avoid complaints to external agencies and/or legal action.