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It's Not just the Power of One...... It's the Power of Everyone
At Diversity Australia we create and foster an inclusive culture which embraces your differences.


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At Diversity Australia we create and foster an inclusive culture which embraces your differences.  We live and breathe Diversity and Inclusion and make sure we deliver for you a culture that allows you to live your values every day, being yourselves and to feel empowered to realise and discover your potential. Because we know that when people from different backgrounds and different points of view work together they create the greatest value for their business, their clients and their community, our focus is on you.

As the leading provider of Diversity and Inclusion services in Australasia we specialise in building cultures that are sustainable and passionate.   We drive and build strategies for organisations to ensure they have an inclusive culture with a diverse workforce to meet the new standards for Diversity Globally.

Since our creation we have developed an extensive global client list across a range of industries, including many NSX and ASX Top 500 global companies which have led us to being the most successful in our space.   We have achieved this by working closely with our clients to build on tis cultures and transform them to a High Performing Organisation.

This is underpinned by our knowledge of global best practice offering Global Accreditation under the new Global Diversity Certification Frameworks as one of the only providers in Australia.

Diversity Australia utilises a multi-dimensional  strategic process to guide you through the maize of cultural change and sensitivity process, unconscious bias processes using a systematic approach to allow the organisation to create and sustain its own inclusive culture where you aren’t dependent on external providers.

This is who we are. We are unique….. just like you.

Diversity Australia.

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